Thanks Haikyuu!!

It was a Japanese sports manga based on school volley ball players.

It’s manga series was written and illustrated by Haruichi furudata, the story follows shoyo hinata, a boy determined to become a great volleyball player despite his small stature.And it has ended after 8 year of run.

The final chapter of the sports manga, its 402nd, was served on July 20 at midnight,

The final chapter is just like a prestigious gift to fans, with the entire assembled characters returning for the series.

Fans celebrated the manga’s achievement and milestone by taking it at the online platform to show their love towards the manga and it’s creator Furudata Haruichi,by trending the hashtag,#ThakYOuHAikyuu and #ThankYouFurudate,

They have also got Haikyuu to trend on the online platforms as a way to thank the creator Furudate Haruichi. The hashtags, #ThankYouHaikyuu as the no.20 trending topic on twitter

While the manga might have ended, the anime television series is still going strong, A second season aired from October 2015 to march 2016,with 25 episodes.A third season aired from October 2016 to December 2016 with 10 episode. A fourth season was announced during the jump fiesta 19 and was planned to realise in two cours, the first cour of 13 episode aired from January to April 2020,and with the second half of the fourth season, Haikyu! To The Top, set cour of 12 episode to be premiere in October 2020

Haikyu was first serialised in anthology Weekly Shonen Jump in 2012 And as of May 2020, there were more than 38 million copies in print. The series spans 43 volumes and has spawned a radio drama for the series broadcasted in November 2012, stage plays and video games which were first released on the Nintendo 3Ds in Japan on September 25,2014.

The manga won the 61st shogakukun manga award for best shonen manga in 2016. as the series had over 20 million copies in circulation.

Fans has made this anime a legend and it will always be remembered.

This was a sport anime that engaged us very much in it, it teached the spirit , energy and skills of sportsperson, how they make their thought discussion and how they make their own techniques.

It has engaged many of us in sports because we always see it and think can we also do this too and try it in the volleyball match between our friends, and we will miss those days when we saw this anime and go for trying his volleyball techniques,

We have not just seen this but we have lived it and this makes it great and remembered in our soul and memories.

It has done character development year by year in every year his character development and visual gets better and this is now got a end.

So we will miss it very much beacuse it has given us many precious momments

Animation made nowadays and the past animations

There were many foreign animation broadcasted in India like idaten jump, dragon Ball,courage the cowardly dog and many other which give us a different happiness and fill us with a different energy, means some of the foreign that were broadcasted in India when we were child were at a great level.

I know the first Indian animation which were broadcasted were far better than the Indian animation that are made now.

Nowadays the Indian are not so good but the foreign animation are still keeping the impact.

If you will do a voting between Indian animation and foreign animation, obeasly the foreign animation will get more votes.

Let’s take a example vote for it doreamon and Pokémon or chotta bheem and Motu patlu answer it honestly.

Let the voting aside, we all know that that the foreign animation have a better animation than India and it’s the truth also.

But now the amazing animation of India and foreign are not broadcasted beacuse Indian television have decided to show only Indian animation.

If they want to broadcaste Indian broadcast the good Indian animation not that which are worse the worse animation but what they will do also beacuse these shows get more trp than other animation

So if we want to bring back good animation in India we have to see them in television also and increase their trp by which they will be back again.

So guys if you want to see some best animation in Hindi dubbed you can go to this link also:

Support the anime writers

We should support the anime writers by which they will confidence to write, it doesn’t means we will the bad anime writer we have to support the desrvers that’s not that we will demotivate the writers who write the anime but which we don’t like we have to praise them to write a good one and suggest our ideas also and that depend on them they accept the suggestion or not.

Anime has made our childhood so we have to be thankful of the writers that they have written some great animes which gives us the wonderful childhood

But nowadays our childhood animes are just disappearing beacuse the Indian television have decided to promote the Indian animation that’s right at his way but they are just broadcasting the dull anime like Motu patlu, chotta bheem etc. But they don’t appointe new animation writers that have a good idea which should be promoted by this many indian writers are going Japan beacuse they have scope there where there writing is being promoted.

So we have to promote the real talent in our country if u have seen the Motu patlu or chotta bheem they got 1m views easily but the anime like the marvel disk force idaten jump nowadays getting low views beacuse of influence of the dull Indian anime, by which they don’t get the real taste of anime that we have seen

By this a new problem also arise that the YouTubers who dub the Japanese anime doesn’t get such views where a indian animation dub get lots of views in YouTube whenever the dubbing is worse or good the dull Indian anime gets more view.

I am not telling that India has only dull animes but it has some good animation also like jumbo and jungle safari which teach us some life lessons also but which are not supported so much and I think a few of u reading this will know the names of the Indian animation I have mentioned specially the child of nowadays will don’t know about these animes.

So we have to encourage these writers not the writers of the dull animes but we have to suggest and praise them to make some good animations.

And we have to draw a patetion to bring back anime. And wish that Indian television will accept the patetion and don’t ignore it or change it.

And we have to do it for a better future

Anime in India

Anime that made our childhood

These anime have made our childhood great and wonderful

For this point some people will say we have to support our Indian animation,     If u think this too  you have to read this which a Indian mom has posted a article for Indian animation

For this point some people will say we have to support our Indian animation,     If u think this too  you have to read this which a Indian mom has posted a article for Indian animation.

Watching cartoon shows with my son. (Photo Courtesy: Runa Mukherjee Parikh)

We have to bring anime back in india

These anime have made our childhood great and wonderful.

And we have to brink back anime to make the childhood of the future kids great and wonderful.

For this point some people will say we have to support our Indian animation, If u think this too you have to read this which a Indian mom has posted a article for Indian animation

As the temperature continues to soar in Amdavad, there isn’t much I can do in the name of summer fun with my toddler. Happy in the comfort of our home, we watch an assortment of cartoons, literally remote picked by my child.

It wasn’t long before I realised that all the animation he watched was foreign-made – Baby TV and Disney Junior being his favourites. He was getting to hear much English – and picking up absolutely zero Hindi. Deciding to pepper his cartoon education with some vernacular, I flicked a few channels and settled upon a very popular cartoon show called Bandbudh Aur Budbak.

Watching cartoon shows with my son. (Photo Courtesy: Runa Mukherjee Parikh)

Ten minutes into the show I was disappointed.

I don’t know what irritated me more – the fact that my son lost interest and got up, or the show.

The story is about two 10-year-old boys Badrinath and Budhadeb who are best friends and have a common dislike towards studies. They laugh at their teachers and take advantage of the smart kid (who is, interestingly, a Sikh kid called Gyan) when homework is concerned.

The second and more problematic part of the show is the stereotyping; the class teacher Dubey Sir is a gruff Bihari, the principal, Rathi Sir is a Haryanvi and one of the female teachers is a Bengali and they all have one thing in common – they speak a horrible version of Hindi with an over-the-top regional accent influenced by Bollywood sidekicks. Even the school guard is a ‘typical’ Marathi.

The Stereotyping of Communities on Indian Cartoon Shows

I cannot begin to explain all the wrong signals it sends to me as a parent.

A child will pick up on how to behave in school – which here means skipping classes, getting punished and slighting teachers. He will understand it is okay to deliberately not take an interest in academia.<img src=”ihoto Courtesy: <a href=”

A child watching this will understand it is okay to deliberately not take an interest in academia. (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Bandbudh Aur Budbak)

He will then learn about the various communities of the vibrant country he’s been born into, this way – Biharis are rough, pan chewing, obese people who speak in pathetic Hindi, Bengalis wear white sarees with red borders everywhere they go and say ‘oori baba’ as habit and the Haryanvis, even after becoming principals of schools, talk as if they have brought their cattle to graze on a field.

In a feeble attempt to check out more shows in Hindi, I failed repeatedly.

Pyar Mohabbat Happy Lucky is a show about two neighbours (who are dogs, I think) who speak in ‘tapori’ Hindi Chorr Police

Chorr Police is yet another show that excels at stereotyping. (Photo Courtesy: Daily Motion)

Motu Patlu and Chorr Police are also doing a great job at stereotyping the people my son will grow up to befriend in life – Sikhs, Malayalis, obese people, all of whom he will judge because a cartoon depicted them a certain way.

But animes of other countries have some eduterment shows.which teach some life lessons and some facts of life.

Now some people will tell that Japanese anime shows violence and bad things, so I will answer it that some Japanese anime which shows blood and bad things are for teenagers not for the kids below 14 years and the all Indian animation are for the child’s not for the teen.

I am not telling that Indian don’t have the talent to write good anime but the good writers don’t get the chance to publish there ideas if one day it will chance and the deserving person will get the chance to show and publish there ideas we will get many awesome anime created in India.

There are some amazing manga writers of India but we have to give them some scope to arise them.

There are some anime dubbers also who dub the Japanese anime to Hindi so we have to support them also.

For some anime information and Hindi dubbed anime you can visit this site

Anime hindi dubbed

Animetm talks provide a various range of anime in Hindi dubbed and gives u the better experience of anime in Hindi

In where you were watching anime at Japanese voice over or English dub or with English sub but now in this community of Animetm talks,we will get the anime experience in Hindi dub Animetm talks is not a group but a family which is trying to make the anime experience better.

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