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We should support the anime writers by which they will confidence to write, it doesn’t means we will the bad anime writer we have to support the desrvers that’s not that we will demotivate the writers who write the anime but which we don’t like we have to praise them to write a good one and suggest our ideas also and that depend on them they accept the suggestion or not.

Anime has made our childhood so we have to be thankful of the writers that they have written some great animes which gives us the wonderful childhood

But nowadays our childhood animes are just disappearing beacuse the Indian television have decided to promote the Indian animation that’s right at his way but they are just broadcasting the dull anime like Motu patlu, chotta bheem etc. But they don’t appointe new animation writers that have a good idea which should be promoted by this many indian writers are going Japan beacuse they have scope there where there writing is being promoted.

So we have to promote the real talent in our country if u have seen the Motu patlu or chotta bheem they got 1m views easily but the anime like the marvel disk force idaten jump nowadays getting low views beacuse of influence of the dull Indian anime, by which they don’t get the real taste of anime that we have seen

By this a new problem also arise that the YouTubers who dub the Japanese anime doesn’t get such views where a indian animation dub get lots of views in YouTube whenever the dubbing is worse or good the dull Indian anime gets more view.

I am not telling that India has only dull animes but it has some good animation also like jumbo and jungle safari which teach us some life lessons also but which are not supported so much and I think a few of u reading this will know the names of the Indian animation I have mentioned specially the child of nowadays will don’t know about these animes.

So we have to encourage these writers not the writers of the dull animes but we have to suggest and praise them to make some good animations.

And we have to draw a patetion to bring back anime. And wish that Indian television will accept the patetion and don’t ignore it or change it.

And we have to do it for a better future

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