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There were many foreign animation broadcasted in India like idaten jump, dragon Ball,courage the cowardly dog and many other which give us a different happiness and fill us with a different energy, means some of the foreign that were broadcasted in India when we were child were at a great level.

I know the first Indian animation which were broadcasted were far better than the Indian animation that are made now.

Nowadays the Indian are not so good but the foreign animation are still keeping the impact.

If you will do a voting between Indian animation and foreign animation, obeasly the foreign animation will get more votes.

Let’s take a example vote for it doreamon and Pokémon or chotta bheem and Motu patlu answer it honestly.

Let the voting aside, we all know that that the foreign animation have a better animation than India and it’s the truth also.

But now the amazing animation of India and foreign are not broadcasted beacuse Indian television have decided to show only Indian animation.

If they want to broadcaste Indian broadcast the good Indian animation not that which are worse the worse animation but what they will do also beacuse these shows get more trp than other animation

So if we want to bring back good animation in India we have to see them in television also and increase their trp by which they will be back again.

So guys if you want to see some best animation in Hindi dubbed you can go to this link also:

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