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It was a Japanese sports manga based on school volley ball players.

It’s manga series was written and illustrated by Haruichi furudata, the story follows shoyo hinata, a boy determined to become a great volleyball player despite his small stature.And it has ended after 8 year of run.

The final chapter of the sports manga, its 402nd, was served on July 20 at midnight,

The final chapter is just like a prestigious gift to fans, with the entire assembled characters returning for the series.

Fans celebrated the manga’s achievement and milestone by taking it at the online platform to show their love towards the manga and it’s creator Furudata Haruichi,by trending the hashtag,#ThakYOuHAikyuu and #ThankYouFurudate,

They have also got Haikyuu to trend on the online platforms as a way to thank the creator Furudate Haruichi. The hashtags, #ThankYouHaikyuu as the no.20 trending topic on twitter

While the manga might have ended, the anime television series is still going strong, A second season aired from October 2015 to march 2016,with 25 episodes.A third season aired from October 2016 to December 2016 with 10 episode. A fourth season was announced during the jump fiesta 19 and was planned to realise in two cours, the first cour of 13 episode aired from January to April 2020,and with the second half of the fourth season, Haikyu! To The Top, set cour of 12 episode to be premiere in October 2020

Haikyu was first serialised in anthology Weekly Shonen Jump in 2012 And as of May 2020, there were more than 38 million copies in print. The series spans 43 volumes and has spawned a radio drama for the series broadcasted in November 2012, stage plays and video games which were first released on the Nintendo 3Ds in Japan on September 25,2014.

The manga won the 61st shogakukun manga award for best shonen manga in 2016. as the series had over 20 million copies in circulation.

Fans has made this anime a legend and it will always be remembered.

This was a sport anime that engaged us very much in it, it teached the spirit , energy and skills of sportsperson, how they make their thought discussion and how they make their own techniques.

It has engaged many of us in sports because we always see it and think can we also do this too and try it in the volleyball match between our friends, and we will miss those days when we saw this anime and go for trying his volleyball techniques,

We have not just seen this but we have lived it and this makes it great and remembered in our soul and memories.

It has done character development year by year in every year his character development and visual gets better and this is now got a end.

So we will miss it very much beacuse it has given us many precious momments

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