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Anime in India

We have to bring anime back in india

These anime have made our childhood great and wonderful.

And we have to brink back anime to make the childhood of the future kids great and wonderful.

For this point some people will say we have to support our Indian animation, If u think this too you have to read this which a Indian mom has posted a article for Indian animation

As the temperature continues to soar in Amdavad, there isn’t much I can do in the name of summer fun with my toddler. Happy in the comfort of our home, we watch an assortment of cartoons, literally remote picked by my child.

It wasn’t long before I realised that all the animation he watched was foreign-made – Baby TV and Disney Junior being his favourites. He was getting to hear much English – and picking up absolutely zero Hindi. Deciding to pepper his cartoon education with some vernacular, I flicked a few channels and settled upon a very popular cartoon show called Bandbudh Aur Budbak.

Watching cartoon shows with my son. (Photo Courtesy: Runa Mukherjee Parikh)

Watching cartoon shows with my son. (Photo Courtesy: Runa Mukherjee Parikh)

Ten minutes into the show I was disappointed.

I don’t know what irritated me more – the fact that my son lost interest and got up, or the show.

The story is about two 10-year-old boys Badrinath and Budhadeb who are best friends and have a common dislike towards studies. They laugh at their teachers and take advantage of the smart kid (who is, interestingly, a Sikh kid called Gyan) when homework is concerned.

The second and more problematic part of the show is the stereotyping; the class teacher Dubey Sir is a gruff Bihari, the principal, Rathi Sir is a Haryanvi and one of the female teachers is a Bengali and they all have one thing in common – they speak a horrible version of Hindi with an over-the-top regional accent influenced by Bollywood sidekicks. Even the school guard is a ‘typical’ Marathi.

The Stereotyping of Communities on Indian Cartoon Shows

I cannot begin to explain all the wrong signals it sends to me as a parent.

A child will pick up on how to behave in school – which here means skipping classes, getting punished and slighting teachers. He will understand it is okay to deliberately not take an interest in academia.

A child watching this will understand it is okay to deliberately not take an interest in academia. (Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Bandbudh Aur Budbak)

He will then learn about the various communities of the vibrant country he’s been born into, this way – Biharis are rough, pan chewing, obese people who speak in pathetic Hindi, Bengalis wear white sarees with red borders everywhere they go and say ‘oori baba’ as habit and the Haryanvis, even after becoming principals of schools, talk as if they have brought their cattle to graze on a field.

In a feeble attempt to check out more shows in Hindi, I failed repeatedly.

Pyar Mohabbat Happy Lucky is a show about two neighbours (who are dogs, I think) who speak in ‘tapori’ Hindi.

Chorr Police is yet another show that excels at stereotyping. (Photo Courtesy: Daily Motion)

Motu Patlu and Chorr Police are also doing a great job at stereotyping the people my son will grow up to befriend in life – Sikhs, Malayalis, obese people, all of whom he will judge because a cartoon depicted them a certain way.

But animes of other countries have some eduterment shows.which teach some life lessons and some facts of life.

Now some people will tell that Japanese anime shows violence and bad things, so I will answer it that some Japanese anime which shows blood and bad things are for teenagers not for the kids below 14 years and the all Indian animation are for the child’s not for the teen.

I am not telling that Indian don’t have the talent to write good anime but the good writers don’t get the chance to publish there ideas if one day it will chance and the deserving person will get the chance to show and publish there ideas we will get many awesome anime created in India.

There are some amazing manga writers of India but we have to give them some scope to arise them.

There are some anime dubbers also who dub the Japanese anime to Hindi so we have to support them also.

For some anime information and Hindi dubbed anime you can visit this site

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